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This project is a culmination of several pieces of inspiration. First, I wanted to explore digital spaces of escape. Why do we invest so much into a digital version of ourselves? Especially during lockdown, I noticed myself and others escaping reality into an online simulated reality (for me it was Webkinz for several hours a day). And now with discussions of the Metaverse and NFTs, I really wanted to hone in on these notions. Second, I wanted to create an homage to my grandmother who is an artist and art collector. Over the past several years, she has been creating vignettes dedicated to telling the story of two fictional cartoon characters modeled after her and my grandfather. Thus, I created a net-art-esque work that allows users to design their own room. The basic structure of each room was designed in Sketchup. Some of the individual objects were also designed in Sketchup, whereas others are photos I sourced from various locations. The objects correlate to different aspects of my grandparents’ home and life, including some of the art they have in their collection. As the user goes through the rooms, they become increasingly more “weird.” I wanted to play with the fantasy and dreamlike aspect of this online space. Visually, I took inspiration from Antii Lovag’s Bubble Palace, Barbie movies, artificial architecture “dreamscapes”, as well as my grandparents house which they designed. The title of the site is a nod to a lyric in, “Dream a Little Dream of Me.”

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