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For this project, I was interested in exploring the topic of consciousness. I began with the idea of stream of consciousness, and as I dove further into the topic, I found myself coming across theories such as morphic resonance and panpsychism. Through my pieces, I wanted to represent the flows of time and connections between species and the universe. The texts I chose discuss consciousness as it relates to the self, the community, nature, the universe, and beyond. I found myself using concentric circles, spirals, and gradients across all of my three layouts. I was inspired by the ways in which familiar patterns reappear across time and space, and throughout cultures. I also found that I intuitively was coming back to similar shapes and colors in my own working process, and I let my gut lead a lot of my creative decisions as I felt it was necessary to explore my topic further. Overall, the process of creating the three layouts allowed me to dive into the topic of consciousness and the interconnectedness of the universe.

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